What is APPS and who is IMT?

IMT Computer Services is a division of IMT Insurance of West Des Moines, Iowa.

IMT Insurance Company was founded in 1884 and sells property casualty insurance through independent agents in several Midwestern states. Until recently, IMT Insurance Company also provided reinsurance coverage for Farm Mutual insurance companies.

Through this relationship with our Farm Mutual affiliates, in October 1978, IMT Computer Services set out to develop a software program to meet their needs. Developing software for the Farm Mutual insurance industry was a natural fit for IMT with our background in insurance and reinsurance. Another benefit you, our intended customer, and for us in the development process was that IMT managed a Farm Mutual that resided within our building. We were able to utilize knowledge sources from each of these entities as we developed a program specifically for the Farm Mutual insurance industry.

Initially the program addressed the labor intensive tasks of policy management, billings, claims management and a general ledger program for financial reports. Over the years the functionality of the program has grown dramatically.

The APPS program is constantly evolving. We are continuously upgrading the APPS program to meet the ever-changing demands of the insurance industry. Today, much of our new development work centers on the internet, increasing the connectivity options to APPS by agents and staff.

Over 125 companies located in 15 states utilize the APPS program and the service provided by IMT Computer Services.

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APPS was designed and written specifically for the Farm Mutual Insurance industry. Providing solutions for what you do day in and day out, APPS can help!

Since 1978 we have been working with Farm Mutual Insurance companies just like yours. You can depend on APPS and the unsurpassed support you will receive.

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